About us

Our Motivation

Above all, takt1 is motivated by the music. Music can be joyous, comforting and beautiful. takt1 is about sensuality and art. The thrill of discovering something new. Variety. Enjoying the riches that await discovery. And hearing familiar music as though for the first time.


The internet has changed everything, including how we listen to music. Never before have we had access to such a wide variety of music. Whether this all adds up to a priceless treasure trove or an endless sea of noise depends on how we navigate it.


takt1 is the digital platform which shines a light on the rich variety of classical music on the net. It brings you the best in concert videos and pure listening experiences, together with fascinating stories written by experts who are passionate about music.


Who We Are

It all started in a sushi bar in Dortmund, Germany, in the late summer of 2014. Benedikt Stampa, the director of a concert hall, and Holger Noltze, professor of music journalism in Dortmund, were talking about their dream projects: an independent platform for the wealth of classical music available online, curated by experts; a place where you can find things you wouldn't have even known to search for. If only there were such a place! - An internet-channel which would allow you to tune in to the wonderful concerts which take place every evening somewhere in the world. Music can inspire the same kind of passionate following as football. Why shouldn't it be covered in the same way, with love and expertise?


Sparks began to fly. Two pet projects fused into a single vision. Together with pianist Hanns-Ferdinand Müller, ex concert leader and music consultant, it soon gave rise to an idea for a new business enterprise. takt1 was grounded in the Ruhr Valley, one of Germany's richest musical regions. It was developed especially for the grand little world of classical music. We have been working on the site since 2016, supported by young experts and music journalists. Together, we are driven by our love for music and our passion for helping others to discover the best of what the internet has to offer. We are delighted to have you with us, wherever in the world you may be.


In German, takt1 means: bar 1. The first bar is the start of all music, and it is often followed by something miraculous. "If music be the food of love: play on."