Astor Piazzolla

María de Buenos Aires

Z V E Z D O L I K I ensemble, Green

Astor Piazzolla's only opera, or as he himself refers to it, his "Tango Operita", sees ghosts return from the dead in a story full of references to the biblical story of Jesus. The lonely figure of a woman wanders through the streets of Buenos Aires - her shadow has returned from the underworld. The work is rarely performed, and even more rarely recorded. Together with the young singers Raphaële Green and Alejandro Fonte, the Belgian ensemble ZVEZDOLIKI deliver a very listenable performance, with convincing vocals and instrumental accompaniment. They opt for emphatic expression rather than a carefully polished tone: this is music with rough corners and edges. The result is a version of the story of "María from Buenos Aires" full of genuine emotion and passionate performances. A vivid recording that takes you to the heart of Piazzolla's multifaceted tango music.

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