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Requiem Mass D minor KV 626 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

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Requiem Mass D minor KV 626
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

(In der Vervollständigung durch Franz Xaver Süßmayr)

I. Introitus: Requiem aeternam, Adagio(Chor, Sopransolo, Chor)

II. Kyrie, Allegro (Fuge) (Chor)

III. Sequenz

  1. Dies irae, Allegro assai  (Chor)
  2. Tuba mirum, Andante (Solistenquartett)
  3. Rex tremendae (Chor)
  4. Recordare  (Solistenquartett)
  5. Confutatis, Andante (Chor)
  6. Lacrimosa (Chor)

IV. Offertorium

  1. Domine Jesu, Andante con moto  (Chor, Solisten), Fuge Quam olim Abrahae (Chor)
  2. Hostias (Chor) mit Wiederholung der Fuge Quam olim Abrahae

V. Sanctus, Adagio mit Fuge Osanna (Chor)

VI. Benedictus, Andante (Solistenquartett) und Fuge Osanna (Chor)

VII. Agnus Dei (Chor)

VIII. Communio: Lux aeterna, Adagio (Sopransolo, Chor) + Allegro (Fuge, Chor)

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