Thamos, King of Egypt K. 345 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

Concerts of this composition


Short facts:

Thamos, King of Egypt K. 345
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Akt 1:

I. "Schon weichet dir, Sonne" (Maestoso)
II. Interlude (Maestoso-Allegro)

Akt 2:

III. Interlude (Andante)

Akt 3:

IV. Interlude (Allegro)

Akt 4:

V. Interlude (Allegro Vivace Assai)

Akt 5:

VI. "Gottheit, über alle mächtig!" (Allegro Moderato)
VII. "Ihr Kinder des Staubes, erzittert"

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