Theodora HWV 68 (Georg Friedrich Händel)

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Short facts:

Theodora HWV 68
Georg Friedrich Händel

Erster Akt:

I. Overture
II. Recitative (Valens) "'Tis Dioclesian's natal day"
III. Air (Valens) "Go,my faithful servant,go"
IV. Chorus of Heathens "And draw a blessing down"
V. Recitative (Didymus, Valens) "Vouchsafe, dread sir"
VI. Air (Valens) "Racks, gibbets, sword and fire"
VII. Recitative (Didymus) "Most cruel edict"
VIII. Air (Didymus) "The raptur'd soul"
IX.Recitative (Septimius) "I know thy virtues"
X. Air (Septimius) "Descend, kind pity"
XI. Recitative (Theodora) "Though hard, my friends"
XII. Air (Theodora) "Fond, flatt'ring world, adieu!"
XIII. Recitative (Irene) "O bright example of all goodness!"
XIV. Air (Irene) "Bane of virtue"
XV. Chorus of Christians "Come, mighty Father"
XVI. Recitative (Messenger,Irene) "Fly, fly, my brethren"
XVII. Air (Irene) "As with rosy steps the morn"
XVIII. Chorus of Christians "All pow'r in Heav'n above"
XIX. Recitative (Septimius) "Mistaken wretches!"
XX. Air (Septimius) "Dread the fruits of Christian folly"
XXI. Recitative (Theodora, Septimius) "Deluded mortal!"
XXII. Accompagnato (Theodora)"Oh, worse than death indeed!"
XXIII. Air (Theodora)"Angels, ever bright and fair"
XXIV. Recitative (Didymus,Irene) "Unhappy, happy crew!"
XXV. Air (Didymus) "Kind Heav'n"
XXVI. Recitative (Irene) "O love, how great thy pow'r!"
XXVII. Chorus of Christians "Go, gen'rous, pious youth"

Zweiter Akt:

I. Recitative (Valens) "Ye men of Antioch"
II. Chorus of Heathens "Queen of summer, queen of love"
III. Air (Valens) "Wide spread his name"
IV. Recitative (Valens) "Return, Septimius, to the stubborn maid"
V. Chorus of Heathens "Venus laughing from the skies"
VI. Symphony
VII. Recitative (Theodora) "O thou bright sun!"
VIII. Air (Theodora) "With darkness deep"
IX. Symphony
X. Recitative (Theodora) "But why art thou disquieted, my soul?"
XI. Air (Theodora) "Oh, that I on wings could rise"
XII. Recitative (Didymus,Septimius) "Long have I known thy friendly social soul"
XIII. Air (Septimius) "Though the honours"
XIV. Recitative (Didymus, Septimius) "Oh, save her then"
XV. Air (Didymus) "Deeds of kindness to display"
XVI. Recitative (Irene) "The clouds begin to veil"
XVII. Air (Irene) "Defend her, Heav'n!"
XVIII. Recitative (Didymus) "Or lull'd with grief"
XIX. Air (Didymus approaching her) "Sweet rose and lily"
XX. Recitative (Theodora starting,Didymus)"Oh, save me, Heav'n!"
XXI. Air (Theodora) "The pilgrim's home"
XXII. Accompagnato (Didymus,Theodora) "Forbid it, Heav'n!"
XXIII. Duet (Theodora,Didymus) "To thee, thou glorious son of worth"
XXIV. Recitative (Irene) "Tis night, but night's sweet blessing is denied"
XXV. Chorus of Christians "He saw the lovely youth"

Dritter Akt:

I. Air (Irene) "Lord, to Thee each night and day"
II. Recitative (Irene, Theodora discovering herself)"But see, the good, the virtuous Didymus!"
III. Air (Theodora) "When sunk in anguish and despair"
IV. Solo and Chorus (Christians, Theodora) "Blest be the hand"
V. Recitative (Messenger,Irene,Theodora) "Undaunted in the court stands Didymus"
VI. Duet (Irene,Theodora) "Whither, Princess, do you fly?"
VII. Recitative (Irene) "She's gone"
VIII. Air (Irene) "New scenes of joy"
IX. Recitative (Valens,Didymus,Theodora,Septimius) "Is it a Christian virtue then?"
X. Air (Septimius) "From virtue springs each gen'rous deed"
XI. Air (Valens) "Cease, ye slaves, your fruitless pray'r!"
XII. Recitative (Didymus, Theodora) "'Tis kind, my friends"
XIII. Chorus of Heathens "How strange their ends"
XIV. Recitative (Didymus,Theodora, Valens) "On me your frowns"
XV. Air (Valens) "Ye ministers of justice"
XVI. Recitative (Didymus,Theodora, Septimius) "And must such beauty suffer?"
XVII. Air and Duet (Didymus, Theodora) "Streams of pleasure ever flowing"
XVIII. Recitative (Irene) "Ere this, their doom is past"
XIX. Chorus of Christians "O love divine"

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