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Vespers for the Blessed Virgin SV 206 (Claudio Monteverdi)

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Vespers for the Blessed Virgin SV 206
Claudio Monteverdi

1. Deus in adjutorium / Domine ad adiuvandum
2. Psalmus 109: Dixit Dominus
3. Concerto: Nigra sum
4. Psalmus 112: Laudate pueri
5. Concerto: Pulchra es
6. Psalmus 121: Laetatus sum
7. Concerto: Duo Seraphim
8. Psalmus 126: Nisi Dominus
9. Concerto: Audi coelum
10. Psalmus 147: Lauda Jerusalem, Dominum
11. Sonata Sopra Sancta Maria
12. Hymnus: Ave maris stella
13. Magnificat

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