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General questions
What services does takt1 offer?
takt1 is a platform for classical music. We offer a selection of videos, articles and CD recommendations. We aim to offer our customers the best content in a single location. The site features daily album recommendations, a selection of more than 2,000 videos, and exclusive daily columns or stories from the world of classical music. A particular highlight it takt1's regular exclusive live concert streams, delivered in conjunction with a range of partners.
Who runs takt1?
takt1 builds on the experience of established experts and authors. It combines years of experience with the fresh perspective of young music journalists.
Which devices are compatible with takt1?
You can access our services on all internet-ready devices (PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device) equipped with a web browser.

For access via a web browser, we recommend using Google Chrome or Safari, but you can also use Firefox, Internet Explorer (Verison 11 or higher) or Edge.

In addition, we recommend an internet connection with a data rate of 6MBit/s or higher. For lower quality video or mobile devices, a connection of at least 1 MBit/s is required.
Why can I not access takt1's media library?
In order to access our media library, it is required to create a takt1 customer account (either free or paid). Create an account by entering your e-mail address and a password on our homepage, and afterwards you can browse our media library to your heart's content.
How can I receive the takt1 newsletter?
You automatically receive our newsletter after registering a free or premium customer account on our website.
How can I unsubscribe from the takt1 newsletter?
Please send an e-mail containing your name and e-mail address to service@takt1.com, informing us about your wish to unsubscribe. Your e-mail address will then be removed from our mailing list.
I have received a gift voucher, how can I redeem it?
You can redeem your gift voucher via the following link: https://www.takt1.com/voucher/redeem/
How much does a takt1 premium subscription cost?
Our premium subscription package costs €15 per month and is cancelable at any time. We also offer an annual subscription package for €100 - you save €20!
What payment methods are available?
We currently accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards, PayPal and Amazon Pay.
How can I cancel my premium subscription?
Please log into your customer account, click on your chosen subscription and then choose "cancel subscription". Alternatively, you are welcome to send an e-mail to service@takt1.com and ask us to cancel your subscription.
How does the free trial work?
Try out the full range of takt1 content for 14 days, completely free. If you enjoy using takt1 and would like to continue your subscription, you don't need to do anything – your membership will be automatically extended at the end of the free trial period, and the subscription fee will be charged to your selected payment method. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time via your account settings. No charges will be applied prior to the end of the trial period.
When is my takt1 Ticket valid and how long and how often can I watch a purchased concert video?
With the purchase of our takt1 Ticket you get instant access to the selected concert video. If the video is a live stream, it will be available from the time it is broadcast live. You can always find details on the date and time when your video will be ready to watch in the takt1 Ticket email, which you will receive shortly after your purchase. You can then watch the selected concert video for an unlimited amount of times for 30 more days after purchasing the ticket. All purchased takt1 Tickets and the associated concerts are also listed in your online customer account.
Features of takt1
What about the quality of the videos provided on takt1?
Our videos are from a variety of different sources, thus their quality differs as well. However, our premium videos are usually streamed in Blu-ray resolution. The audio track is encoded in AAC with 320 kbit/s. This gives you the experience of a CD recording.
After clicking a link, a message appears to say that this video is not available. Why does this happen?
Access to some videos is restricted depending on your region. Unfortunately, this means that some content may not be available in your present location.
The quality of my video is distorted, what can I do?
Use the small “wheel” at the bottom right of the player to make sure the player is set to automatically video quality.
The stream is not working, what can I do?
• First, make sure that your internet connection works
• load the page again
• Try using a different browser. We recommend to use Google Chrome or Safari
• Delete cookies from your browser, and try playing the video again
• Stop any downloads or updates which may be running in the background. Also those of other users connected to the same network
• Close any programs running in the background, in order to free up memory for the stream
• Temporarily disable your firewall. If this works, you can set up the connection to takt1 as an exception in your firewall options (your computer will usually prompt you to confirm any such changes).

If the stream is still not working, please write to us on the LiveChat on the concert site, or contact us by email at service@takt1.com.
I cannot find subtitles for the video I am watching, what do I do?
Unfortunately, takt1 cannot provide any subtitles, since we only host videos provided to us by our partners. It is up to the video editors of our streaming partners to add subtitles or not.
How long do I have to watch a concert I have paid for?
You can watch all concerts for 30 days after purchase, as often as you like. You will find all purchased concerts in your user account.
I have found a brilliant video on YouTube which I think should be included on takt1. Can I recommend it to the takt1 editorial team?
We are delighted when our customers want to share their discoveries with other takt1 users. Please get in touch with your suggestions by e-mail at service@takt1.com. We will review your suggestion as soon as possible before adding it to our archive.
What advantages does takt1 offer when used in conjunction with Spotify?
As a music streaming service, Spotify offers a repertoire of millions of titles, including a huge selection of classical music. However, the Spotify search tool is designed for use with pop and rock music. It does not distinguish between performers and composers, and variations in the spelling of names are often not taken into account. Our specialized takt1 search function makes the full wealth of Spotify’s selection easier to navigate. It returns more results, with greater detail, and meta data reviewed for accuracy. On most devices, you can navigate Spotify-streams directly with the improved title information. On iPhones and iPads, you will be redirected to the Spotify player with a single click.
I can only hear 30 second extracts of the album tracks. Is this normal?
If you do not have a Spotify account, or are not logged in, you will only be able to hear a 30 seconds preview. Registering for a free account with Spotify will allow you to hear all of the music on takt1 in full.