Waltzes of the Vienna Strauss Dynasty

Alfred Eschwé, Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra

Blissful waltzes from the Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein: in 2016, the Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra celebrated their 50th anniversary with a high-spirited program of waltzes, polkas and quadrilles composed by the Strauss dynasty. Since 1966, the orchestra has been working to keep the music of the kings of the Viennese waltz alive – to the very highest musical standards. In 1969, Willi Boskovsky took charge of the orchestra, giving it a new artistic direction, and becoming the face of the Vienna New Year's Concert. Following his death, Alfred Eschwé was one of the conductors to take over at the orchestras. Himself an old hand on Vienna's music scene, he carries the particular musical language of the orchestra within him. 


A DVD or Blu-ray of the concert is available here.


Anniversary Concert Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra
Vienna Johann Strauss Orchestra, Kaiserwalzer op. 437, 26.10.2016
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