63rd Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition

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In the final round of the Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition, the three best candidates will face one another, accompanied by the Haydn Orchestra of Bozen and Trento. The final, live from the Bozen Stadttheater. 

63. Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition
recorded at 09/03/2021, 08:15pm (CEST)
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Park Jae Hong
  • Sergei Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor, Op. 30: I. Allegro ma non tanto
  • II. Intermezzo: Adagio
  • III. Finale: Alla breve
Lukas Sternath
  • Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 5 in E-flat major, Op. 73: I. Allegro
  • II. Adagio un poco mosso
  • III. Rondo. Allegro
Do-Hyun Kim
  • Sergei Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 16: I. Andantino-Allegretto
  • II. Scherzo: Vivace
  • III. Intermezzo: Allegro moderato
  • IV. Finale: Allegro tempestoso