Folksong Arrangements by Beethoven

Christoph Prégardien & The Oberon Trio
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Christoph Prégardien, actually famous as a Schubert tenor, applies his talents to a lesser known portion of Beethoven's oeuvre. His folk song arrangements are elemental, arresting and highly artful. The Oberon Trio accompanies the singer with a lineup rich in tonal colors. A real statement in support of musical traditions, and a fascinating insight into Europe art music's relationship to its roots. 

Live Stream
recorded at 06/27/2020, 08:00pm (CEST)
Ludwigsburg Festival 2
Christoph Prégardien & The Oberon Trio
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Songs of various nations, WoO 158
  • No. 6 A Madel, ja a Madel (Tyrol)
  • No. 2 Horch auf, mein Liebchen (Germany)
  • No. 23 Da brava, Catina (Canzonetta veneziana)
  • No. 7 Vier solche Buema afipackt (Tyrol)
  • No. 24 Non, non, Colette n’est pas trompeuse (France)
  • No. 16 Beautiful Minka (Ukraine)
  • No. 10 Poszła baba po popiół (Poland)
  • No. 14 Ach rečen'ki, rečen'ki (Russia)
Scottish Songs, Op. 108
  • No. 2 Sunset
  • No. 16 Could this ill world
  • No. 24 Again, my Lyre
  • No. 25 Sally in our alley
Kakadu Variations, Op. 121a
  • Kakadu Variations, Op. 121a
Irish songs, WoO 153
  • No. 4 Since greybeards inform us
  • No. 54 Come, Darby dear, easy, be easy
Piano Trio No. 4, Op. 11
  • I. Allegro con brio
  • II. Adagio
  • III. Tema: Pria ch’io l’impegno. Allegretto
Irish Songs, WoO 152
  • No. 8 Come draw we round a cheerful ring
  • Nr. 21 Morning a cruel turmoiler is
Welsh Songs, WoO 155
  • No. 26 Good Night
  • No. 25 The Parting Kiss
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