Philharmonie, Luxembourg

Stravinsky: Apollon musagète & Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto E minor

María Dueñas, Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg & Gustavo Gimeno
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Apollo, the god of the arts and music in Greek mythology, is visited by the muses of dance, theater and poetry. He wants to create a new artistic tradition, and instructs the muses Kalliope, Polyhymnia and Terpsichore in their respective arts. This is the plot of Apollon musagète, Igor Stravinsky's neoclassical ballet composed in 1928. A year later, it was performed with costumed designed by none other than Coco Chanel. It's remarkable how in both mythology and history, the idea of the muse has repeatedly served to deny the achievements of women. It's always thrilling when art reflects on itself, and in this work, Stravinsky reveals a great deal about himself. The work is followed by performance of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy's famous Violin Concerto in E-minor by the phenomenal violinist María Dueñas, not yet nineteen years old. 


A production by the Philharmonie Luxembourg in cooperation with takt1.

Live Stream
recorded at 12/03/2020, 08:00pm (CET)
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Giacomo Puccini: Crisantemi
  • Crisantemi
Igor Stravinsky: Apollon musagète
  • I. Prologue: The Birth of Apollo
  • II. Apollo's Variation
  • III. Pas d'action: Apollo and the Muses
  • IV. Variation of Calliope
  • V. Variation of Polymnia
  • VI. Variation of Terpsichore
  • VII. Variation of Apollo
  • VIII. Pas de deux:
  • IX. Coda:
  • X. Apotheosis
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64
  • I. Allegro molto appassionato
  • II. Andante
  • III. Allegretto non troppo – Allegro molto vivace