Festival O/Modernt: A Winter's Journey

Mark Padmore, Kristian Bezuidenhout
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Schubert's highly emotional, soul-searching Winterreise is a key work in the romantic lieder tradition. We follow the narrator on an emotionally dramatic and grueling journey, passing through deep depression, overwhelming joy and total despair. Mark Padmore and Kristian Bezuidenhout recorded the Winterreise in 2018 – a performance full of profound impressions. Padmore retreats behind the score, but this only makes his performance all the more moving. His voice is up to the challenge of the work's emotional extremes. Bezuidenhout performs his sensitive accompaniment on a historic fortepiano – a major musical event, live at the O/Modernt Festival.


A production of the Festival O/Modernt.

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Live Stream
recorded at 06/12/2021, 08:00pm (CEST)
A Winter's Journey
A Winter's Journey: Festival O/Modernt
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Franz Schubert: Winterreise, Op. 89 D. 911
  • I. Good Night
  • II. The Weathervane
  • III. Frozen Tears
  • IV. Frozen
  • V. The Linden Tree
  • VI. Flood
  • VII. On the Stream
  • VIII. Backwards Glance
  • IX. Will o' the Wisp
  • X. Rest
  • XI. Dream of Spring
  • XII. Loneliness
  • XIII. The Post
  • XIV. The Gray Head
  • XV. The Crow
  • XVI. Last Hope
  • XVII. In the Village
  • XVIII. The Stormy Morning
  • XIX. Deception
  • XX. The Signpost
  • XXI. The Inn
  • XXII. Have Courage!
  • XXIII. The Sun Dogs
  • XXIV. The Hurdy-Gurdy Man