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London Symphony Orchestra

Bártok's Dance Suite and "The Wooden Prince" & Stravinsky's Violin Concerto

Isabell Faust, François-Xavier Roth and the London Symphony Orchestra
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Béla Bartók spent a great deal of time researching and collecting folk melodies in Hungary and Romania, an activity which had a decisive impact on his own music. You can hear the influence clearly in many of his works, including the pantomime ballet "The Wooden Prince". Although Bártok doesn't employ any explicit quotes, the seven dances of the work are all very close to traditional folk music. The concert begins with another dance piece in which Bártok assimilates Arabic, Wallachian and Hungarian melodies. In between these works comes Stravinsky's Violin Concerto. It's a work that combines several different influences. The construction of the movements and the musical structure recall baroque forms, in particular the concerto grosso. Yet the work also contains elements of ballet, cabaret and dance music, making it a fitting companion piece to the Bártok works on the program. 


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Live Stream
03/19/2020, 08:30pm (CET)
Isabelle Faust and François-Xavier Roth with the LSO Bártok and Stravinsky
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Béla Bartók: Dance-Suite Sz. 77
Igor Stravinsky: Violin Concerto D major

I. Toccata 

II. Aria I 

III. Aria II 

IV. Capriccio 

Béla Bartók: The Wooden Prince