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Konzerthaus, Dortmund

Mahler's 5th Symphony and Martinsson's Trumpet Concerto "Bridge"

The Gewandhaus Orchestra Leipzig under Andris Nelsons with Håkan Hardenberger
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Not only did trumpeter Håkan Hardenberger perform the premiere of Rolf Martinsson's Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra (aka "Bridge"), the work is also dedicated to him. Stylistically, it is clearly a work of contemporary music, though contrary to the stereotype, it's never difficult to listen to. Again and again, broad harmonies that fall somewhere between late romanticism and jazz emerge from out of the flow of music. Against this backdrop, the trumpet seduces the listener with its enchanting melodies. This is followed in the second half by Mahler's Fifth - his first purely instrumental symphony since no. 1, which was followed by the "Wunderhorn" symphonies. Mahler struck out in a new direction for his Fifth, experimenting with greater dissonance and testing the limits of tonality. His contemporaries initially struggled to get to grips with it, but it has since become one of his most popular works. 

© Andris Nelsons appears by kind permission of Deutsche Grammophon.

recorded at 10/20/2018, 12:00pm (EDT)
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Gewandhaus Orchestra Leipzig
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Rolf Martinsson: Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra No. 1 op. 47, "Bridge"
  • Rolf Martinsson: Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra No. 1 op. 47, "Bridge"
  • Håkan Hardenberger interviewed by Holger Noltze
Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 5 C-sharp minor
  • I. Funeral March
  • II. Stormy, with the utmost vehemence
  • III. Scherzo. Strong and not too fast
  • IV. Adagietto
  • V. Rondo - Finale - Allegro
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