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Great Voices: A Musical Journey through South America

Juan Diego Flórez
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Juan Diego Flórez presents an entire concert dedicated to the Latin American popular music he grew up with in his native Peru. Many of the works on the program have great personal significance for Flórez - not least the compositions of Chabuca Granda, which were previously recorded by his father Rubén, a Peruvian Criolla singer, and which the two would often sing together. The program reflects the fluid boundary between popular and classical music in South America - for example, the Mexican love song Bésame Mucho quotes a theme by composer Enrique Granados.


© Juan Diego Flórez appears by the kind permission of Sony Classical Records

Live Stream
recorded at 10/16/2018, 01:30pm (EDT)
Also available after the concert
(Tickets are valid for 7 days and are inclusive for customers with a premium subscription plan.)
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  • Andrés Soto: El tamalito
  • Elpidio Ramírez y Pedro Galindo: La malagueña
  • Chito Faró: Si vas para Chile
  • Simón Díaz: Caballo viejo
  • Tomás Mendéz: Cucurrucucú paloma
  • César Isella: Canción con todos
  • Carlos Gardel: Volver
  • Joseíto Fernández: Guantanamera
  • Chabuca Granda: José Antonio
  • Carlos Brito: Sombras
  • Leon Gieco: Sólo le pido a Dios
  • César Portillo de la Luz: Contigo en la distancia
  • Ary Barroso: Aquarela do Brasil
  • Consuelo Velázquez: Bésame mucho
  • Juan Madera Castro: La pollera colorá
  • Augusto Polo Campos: Cuando llora mi guitarra
  • José Alfredo Jiménez: Amanecí entre tus brazos
  • Nestor Mili: El yerberito moderno
  • Juan Madera Castro: La pollera colorá (Encore)