Vivica Genaux, Lawrence Zazzo, Wolfgang Katschner, Lautten Compagney Berlin

Hasse, Lampugnani, Porpora, Handel, Vivaldi, Galuppi, Wagenseil, Traetta
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Castrati were considered normal in Italian opera. At first, they sang female roles only, but by the 1630s at the latest, they were increasingly taking on male roles as well. And the female singers? They sang both female and male parts. And when the operatic role required a woman to disguise herself as a man in search of her lover or relative, the gender-related game of deception was complete. The baroque theater audience had a lot of fun with these gender stories. With the 2017 Handel Prize winner, great mezzo-soprano Vivica Genaux; who with her warm, dark timbre has repeatedly been cast for trouser roles; and the American counter star Lawrence Zazzo, this great fun is transferred to the 21st century. They are accompanied by the Lautten Compagney Berlin under the direction of Handel Prize winner Wolfgang Katschner.

recorded at 08/12/2022, 07:30pm (CEST)
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Johann Adolf Hasse
  • »Risponderti vorrei« Aria from »Achille in Sciro«
  • Sinfonia from "Siroe" - II. Lento
  • Sinfonia from »Siroe« - III. Allegro
  • »Risponderti vorrei« Aria from »Achille in Sciro«
Giovanni Battista Lampugnani
  • »Crudel, morir mi vedi« from the opera »Semiramide riconosciuta«
  • »Tu mi disprezzi« Aria from »Semiramide riconosciuta«
Nicola Antonio Porpora
  • »Il Pastor se torna aprile« Aria from »Semiramide riconosciuta«
Georg Friedrich Händel
  • »Cagion son io« aus »Serse«
  • Recitativo accompagnato und Arie »Deggio morire, o stelle« aus »Siroe«
  • Sinfonia from »Siroe« - »Overture«
  • »Gran pena è gelosia« Duet from »Serse«
  • »È gelosia« Aria from »Alcina«
  • »Se bramate d'amar chi vi sdegna« Aria from »Serse«
  • Giga from »Siroe«
  • »Ama nell`armi, e nell`amar« Duet from »Deidamia«
  • »Yet, can I hear that dulcet lay« Aria from »The Choice of Hercules«
  • »Venti turbini« Aria from »Rinaldo«
  • »Son tornata a lagrimar« Duet from »Giulio Cesare«
Antonio Vivaldi
  • Recitativo »Insolito coraggio« from »Orlando furioso«
  • »Nel profondo cieco mondo« Aria from »Orlando furioso«
Baldassare Galuppi
  • »Ah non fuggirmi, ingrato« Duet from »Siroe«
Georg Christoph Wagenseil
  • »Esci, crudel, d‘affanno« Aria from »Siroe«
Tommaso Traetta
  • »Che furia, che mostro« Aria from »Siroe«