Blažiková, Les Passions de l'Âme – Orchestra for Early Music Bern

Monteverdi, Handel, Locatelli, Marcello: Il Pianto d'Arianna
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"Il Pianto" - "The Teardrop". In the history of music, the most heart-rending arias, sighs and laments were composed for the Greek mythical figure Ariadne. Her story features a diverse, fascinating as well as profound sadness and tragedy. A kind of primal lament is probably Claudio Monteverdi's Lamento d'Arianna. Deep sadness pervades the body; the music shakes you to the core. Arias from George Frideric Handel's Arianna in Creta (Ariadne in Crete) run like a golden thread through this intelligently designed program. In Locatelli's Concerto grosso, the solo violin embodies Ariadne's sobs. The soloist of this evening is Czech soprano Hana Blažiková; Les Passions de l'Âme - Orchestra for Early Music Bern is led by Meret Lüthi on the violin.

recorded at 08/14/2022, 07:30pm (CEST)
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Georg Friedrich Handel: »Arianna in Creta«
  • Overture to the Opera
  • »Quel crudele«
  • Sinfonia
  • Accompagnato »Ove son«
  • »Qui ti sfido« Arie
Bendetto Marcello: Sinfonia of the Serenata »Arianna«
  • I. Presto
  • II. Largo
  • III. Presto
  • »Come mai puoi«
Claudio Monteverdi: »Lasciatemi morire«
  • Lamento d’Arianna a voce sola
Pietro Locatelli: Concerto grosso »Il pianto d‘Arianna« Es-Dur Op. 7 Nr. 6.
  • I. Andante
  • II. Allegro
  • III. Adagio - Andante
  • IV. Largo
  • V. Largo andante
  • VI. Grave
  • VII. Allegro
Georg Friedrich Handel: Arias from the opera »Arianna in Creta«
  • »E mi lascio il Crudle«
  • »Sdegno, amore«
  • »So che non è più mio«