Songs from Gregory Alchevskiy, Kyrylo Stetsenko, Mykhailo Zherbin, Illia Razumeiko & Traditionals

Lena Belkina, Violina Petrychenko
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The beauty of the song, the music, the art itself: does that count in times of war? The Ukrainian mezzo-soprano Lena Belkina asked herself this question. For her, the music is a glimmer of hope that counters the overwhelming pain she feels facing her homeland. For this reason she has studied Ukrainian folk song - a true phenomenon of music history. No other nation has produced as many folk songs as Ukraine. Each and every one selected for this project has a special meaning to Belkina's life journey - some of them being recorded for the very first time. The music is emotional and multifaceted, not least because of the congenial accompaniment by the Ukrainian pianist Violina Petrychenko, who specializes in Ukrainian music. The power of art, right now.

recorded at 12/03/2022, 07:30pm (CET)
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  • Misyats na nebi (moon in the skyl)
  • Tchotryry voly pasu ya (I feed four oxen)
  • Tchy ya v luzi ne kalyna bula (Wasn't I a viburnum)
Gregory Alchevskiy
  • Dusha se konvaliya nizhna (The soul is a delicate lily of the valley)
  • Ne dyvysia na misyats vesnoiu (Don't look at the moon in spring)
  • Litnioyi nochi (summer night)
Kyrylo Stetsenko
  • Vechirnya pisnya (evening song)
  • Stoyala ya I Slukhala vesnu (I stood there and listened to the spring)
  • Dyvlius ya na yasniyi zori (I look to the bright stars)
Mykhailo Zherbin
  • Vocalise-Prelude
  • Plyve moya dusha (My soul is floating)
  • Ostanni kvity (Letzte Blumen)