Shostakovich String Quartets 1,8 & 15

Mandelring Quartet
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Shostakovich's life was beset by radical change and social upheavals. In his chamber music, the composer employed his most urgent and unvarnished musical language. In the hands of the Mandelring Quartet, the music promises to break out of its form and touch us directly – not least on the famous 8th string quartet, in which the composer's initials repeatedly appear as a sequence of piercing notes.

Live Stream
recorded at 06/26/2020, 08:00pm (CEST)
Ludwigsburg Festival 1
Mandelring Quartet
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Dmitri Schostakowitsch: String Quartet No. 1 C major, Op. 49
  • I. Moderato
  • II. Moderato
  • III. Allegro molto
  • IV. Allegro
Dmitri Schostakowitsch: String Quartet No. 8 C minor, Op. 110
  • I. Largo
  • II. Allegro molto
  • III. Allegretto
  • IV. Largo
  • V. Largo
Dmitri Schostakowitsch: String Quartet No. 15 E-flat minor op. 144
  • I. Elegy: Adagio
  • II. Serenade: Adagio
  • III. Intermezzo: Adagio
  • IV. Nocturne: Adagio
  • V. Funeral March: Adagio molto
  • VI. Epilogue: Adagio
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