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Bach in Wittenberg

Matthias Goerne, Vilde Frang & Nicolas Altstaedt
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Bach music from the famous All Saints' Church in Wittenberg: Matthias Goerne, Vilde Frang and Nicolas Altstaedt perform works for baritone, violin and violoncello with varying lineups. Bach, the master of polyphony, gives each instrument several roles. The French dance movements of the Cello Suite no. 5 develops a dense interplay. The Two Voice Inventions are familiar to every student of the piano, but in the version for violin and violoncello, new details come to the fore. It will be fascinating to hear what it sounds like when on the arias with obbligato solo violin, the accompaniment is played not by a continuo group, but instead by a single violoncello. 

Live Stream
06/02/2020, 07:00pm (CEST)
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Johann Sebastian Bach: Arias with Obbligato Solo Violin and Continuo
Johann Sebastian Bach: Cello Suite No. 5 BWV 1011

I. Prélude

II. Allemande

III. Courante

IV. Sarabande

V. Gavotte I

VI. Gavotte II

VII. Gigue

Johann Sebastian Bach: Two Voice Inventions for Violin and Violoncello