Konzerthaus Dortmund

Works by Beethoven, Berg, Benjamin & Ligeti

Pierre-Laurent Aimard
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Pierre-Laurent Aimard looks for structure and clarity in the long-established classical and romantic repertoires too, yet without ever seeming detached. For this anniversary year, he is engaging Beethoven's music into a thrilling dialogue with what is still known as new music: Beethoven and the Avant-Garde is the overarching title of his program. Not only do the major differences come to the fore, but also the similarities in the smaller details. Aimard is passionate about creating a dialogue between canonized works and contemporary music – he has already premiered so many contemporary works, as well as teaching us to hear supposedly familiar works anew. An exclusive concert live stream from the Konzerthaus Dortmund.


Pierre-Laurent Aimard appears by kind permission of PENTATONE.

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Live Stream
recorded at 04/26/2020, 06:00pm (CEST)
Live Stream from Konzerthaus Dortmund, without an audience
Pierre-Laurent Aimard: Beethoven, Berg, Benjamin & Ligeti
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György Ligeti: Musica Ricercata
  • György Ligeti: Musica Ricercata
Ludwig van Beethoven: Bagatellen op. 119
  • Nr. 2 Andante con moto
  • Nr. 3 À l’Allemande
  • Nr. 6 Andante – Allegretto
  • Nr. 10 Allegramente
  • Nr. 5 Risoluto
  • Nr. 11 Andante, ma non troppo
Ludwig van Beethoven: Bagatellen op. 33
George Benjamin: Shadowlines, six canonic preludes
  • I. Cantabile
  • II. Wild
  • III. Scherzando
  • IV. Tempesto
  • V. Very freely, solemn and spacious
  • VI. Gently flowing, flexible
Alban Berg: Sonata op. 1
  • Sonata op. 1
Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonate op. 110
  • Sonate op. 110
  • Interview