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Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin

Songs by Beethoven, Liszt & Wolf

Henschel & Waschk
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For the third time "Home Music Berlin" at the Schinkel Pavillon, this time with a thoughtful selection of songs for Good Friday, including works by Beethoven, Liszt and Wolf. The evening begins with Beethoven's religous Gellert-Songs, followed by Liszt's engagement with Renaissance poet Francesco Petrarca. He set three of his sonnets, which he later recycled in the Italian part of his Années de Pélerinage. The three-part concert closes with Dietrich Henschel, who has recently made a name for him as an interpreter of the works of Hugo Wolf. Especially striking is the song Karwoche (Holy Week), based on a poem by Mörike. Very fitting.


A co-production with Naxos Audiovisual, PARS Media and Schinkel Pavillon.




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Live Stream
recorded at 04/10/2020, 08:30pm (CEST)
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Hugo Wolf: Three songs for baritone and piano
  • »Neue Liebe«
  • »Karwoche«
  • »Wo find‘ ich Trost«
Ludwig van Beethoven: Six songs after poems of Gellert (selection)
  • »Bitten«
  • »Die Liebe des Nächsten«
  • »Vom Tode«
  • »Die Ehre Gottes aus der Natur«
  • »Bußlied«
  • Interview with Jan Schmidt-Garre (engl.)
Hugo Wolf: Michelangelo-Lieder
  • »Wohl denk‘ ich oft«
  • »Alles endet, was entsteht«
  • »Fühlt meine Seele«
Franz Liszt: Petrarca songs for baritone and piano
  • Sonnet 47 »Benedetto sia il giorno«
  • Sonnet 104 »Pace non trovo«
  • Sonnet 123 »I‘ vidi in terra angelici costumi«