Johannes Brahms: 3rd & 4th Symphonies

Vienna Symphony
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The second half of the Brahms cycle from Philippe Jordan and the Vienna Symphony. Like the first and second, the third and forth symphonies were composed more or less back-to-back, in 1883 and 1885 respectively. Jordan and the Vienna Symphony spread the four works across two evenings. A live cycle of four very special works - it's not often you hear them played together in such quick succession. 


Click here for the first part of the Brahms cycle: The first and second Symphonies

Live Stream
recorded at 08/05/2019, 07:30pm (CEST)
Vienna Symphony: Brahms 3 & 4
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Johannes Brahms: Symphony no. 3 F major Op. 90
  • I. Allegro non troppo
  • II. Andante
  • III. Poco allegretto
  • IV. Allegro
  • Interview with Elisabeth Sobotka, director of Bregenz Festival
Johannes Brahms: Symphony no. 4 E minor Op. 98
  • I. Allegro non troppo
  • II. Andante moderato
  • III. Allegro giocoso – Poco meno presto – Tempo I
  • IV. Allegro energico e passionato – Più Allegro