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Your guide to the best of classical music online
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takt1 is the digital stage that shows classical music's whole diversity. A hand-picked archive of the finest videos on the Internet alongside exclusive performances. As a special highlight, takt1 regularly offers exclusive live concerts with world-class artists & orchestras.
Stories & Columns
Stories & Columns
Daily suggestions. Reliable information
Good stories written by experts who are moved by music. The internet has changed everything, including our exposure to music. It is up to us to enjoy priceless treasures or listen to just anything.
CD recommendations
CD recommendations
Daily recommendations and competent opinions
We experience music as joy, comfort, beauty. Sensuality. Art. The excitement of experiencing something new. Diversity. To enjoy riches waiting to be discovered. And to hear the good old anew.
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Every day a suggestion for listening, watching, reading. For beginners and anyone looking for something new.
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The large takt1 archive. Backstage insights. Improved search functionality, cunning links: introductions, reviews, lyrics, scores.
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Inspiration and access to the world of classical music. By independent experts.
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Experience the diversity and depth of takt1 at home and on the road, on all common devices.
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