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Nocturne op. 60 (Benjamin Britten)

Concerts of this composition


Short facts:

Nocturne op. 60
Benjamin Britten

1. Shelley – "On a Poet’s Lips I Slept" from Prometheus Unbound

2. Tennyson – "The Kraken", with bassoon

3. Coleridge – "Encinctured with a twine of leaves" from The Wanderings of Cain, with harp

4. Middleton – "Midnight Bell" from Blurt, Master Constable, with French horn

5. Wordsworth – "But that night when on my bed I lay" from The Prelude (1805), with timpani

6. Owen – "The Kind Ghosts", with cor anglais

7. Keats – "Sleep and Poetry", with flute and clarinet

8. Shakespeare – Sonnet XLIII, with all the obbligato instruments

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